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Rafiqur Rashid needs no introduction. He is wel-known to many in the literary world. He has enriched our literary world by his novels, lyrics, rhymes, dramas, short stories etc. It is a matter of wonder that the author Rafiqur Rashid easily moves from one genre of literature to the other with equal adeptness a rare trait. He wants to do a lot in his own way and has done something which very few people know be­cause he is a man of introduction averse... Bangladesh Observer


Baul Songs and the Inherent Philosophy

The Bauls are an inextricable part of the cultural scenario of Bengal. They are a very colourful community known for their wit, humour, wandering life-style and mellifluous songs. Their existence is synonymous with their songs. Through their songs, the Baul community gives vent to their emotions, feelings, dreams, aspirations, philosophy and also earn their livelihood...

Meherpur was a small village in the district of Nadia. Towards the austral flank of Meherpur, there were the slums of the backward communities. Balaram was born in this slum in 1825. He was born to Gobindo Hanri and Gaurmoni ... more


For Sale: Real Estate & Property
Ideal land for construction of residential and commercial properties

7.25 acres (22 bighas) of Land in Meherpur (Bangladesh) municipal area, prime location in town development area, opposite Govt. Hospital and adjacent to Power Development Board, bus stop and rikshaw stand; only 10-15 mins. walking distance to main market, Govt. College and schools.

At present laid out as orchard, approx 200 mature mango and lychee trees, with fishpond.

Excellent investment opportunity for industrial, commercial and/or residential purposes. Interested parties please contact:

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Building land

Contact address for potential buyer:
Dr. Golam M. Mohiuddin
Georg Str. 3
53111 Bonn, Germany
Tel: (+49228) 9659474

22 Bighas of Land in Meherpur for sell, at present laid out as mango and lychee orchard


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History of Meherpur Municipality

Date of Establishment: 15th April 1869 Area: 15.08 Square km

Naming: There are two views regarding the naming of Meherpur Pourasava. One, in the early 16th century a religious leader named Meher Ali Shah came to preach Islam in this area and founded his Durbar in the village Kalachandpur. Thereafter he founded another Durbar in the centre of "Barabazar" in this municipal town. From that time the preaching of Islam started in that Hindu-Buddha dominant society. It is presumed that in honour of the spiritual leader Meher Ali Shah, the area has been named as "Meherpur".


Health centres

Sadar hospital 1, upazila health complex 1, TB hospital 1, health and family planning centre 18, maternity and child welfare centre 1, missionary hospital 2 and private clinic 9.

Land use

Arable land 46582 hectares, fallow land 165 hectares; single crop 13%, double crop 70% and triple crop17%; land under irrigated 63%.

Value of land

The market value of land for construction of first grade is Tk 200,000 per katha

Meherpur Sadar

Meherpur Sadar Upazila with an area of 374.10 sq km, is bounded by GANGNI upazila and West Bengal (India) on the north, DAMURHUDA upazila and West Bengal (India) on the south, Gangni and ALAMDANGA upazilas on the east, West Bengal (India) on the west. Main rivers are BHAIRAB; Chand Beel and Bijan Beel are notable.

Meherpur Town

Consists of 9 wards and 72 mahallas. It has an area of 13.62 sq km. The population of the town is 35771; male 52.33%, female 47.67%. The density of population is 2626 per sq km. Literacy rate among the town people is 49.4%. The town was established in the beginning of the 16th century. Meherpur municipality was established in 1960.


Before the partition (1947) Meherpur was a part of the Nadia district of India. The Meherpur subdivision was turned into a district in 1984. It consists of 1 municipality, 9 wards and 72 mahallas, 2 upazilas, 18 union parishads, 277 villages, 190 mouzas. ...more


Historical Events

The PROCLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE was read at the village Baidyanathtola, now Mujibnagar, on 17 April 1971. On this day the first provisional government of Bangladesh took oath here. The Pak army killed 8 persons at village Amjhupi on 18 April 1971.

Mujibnagar: Located at a distance of about 7 km. from the town of Meherpur.

Marks of the War of Liberation

Mass grave: Meherpur Government College, Jagannathpur, Kazipur and Tengramari; Mass killing site: Jatarpur, memorial monument at Mujibnagar.

Archaeological Heritage

Gosaidubi Mosque at Karamdi, Dargahs of Sheik Farid and Shah Enayet, Mazars of Barkat Bibi and Bagudewan, Ballavpur Mission, Teragharia Marrut, Shiva Mandir at Ballavpur, Alampur Mandir, Bhabanipur Mandir, Neelkuthis at Aamjhupi, Bhatpara and Saharbati.